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Another German architect looks forward to ‘re-pioneering’ here

Ulf and Mao Meyer, with their three-year-old daughter Dana, visited Albion last week.Another German architecture professor, whose specialty is sustainable design, looks forward to continuing a cooperative “re-pioneering” project that last year connected Boone County with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Architecture.

Professor Ulf Meyer, who currently holds the Hyde Chair of Excellence in the UNL College of Architecture, visited Albion with his family last Friday, Aug. 20.

“The re-pioneering project last year was very successful, and I hope to continue it,” said Meyer. “I credit Martin (Despang) and Paul Hosford for their innovation.”

Paul and Lori Hosford will again be assisting students involved in the re-pioneering project this fall, and will be traveling between Albion and Lincoln.

Professor Despang, now teaching at the University of Arizona, also plans to involve his students there in an Albion/Boone County design project.

Additional details in the Aug. 25 Albion News Print and Electronic Editions.

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