New C-Arm apparatus in use at BCHC

Steve Wooden, CRNA, MS, uses the new C-Arm apparatus at Boone County Health Center.Boone County Health Center has a new C-Arm apparatus in use in its radiology department, and it is proving to be a valuable tool for hospital personnel.

The BCHC Foundation is in the process of raising funds to pay for the new equipment.

A C-arm is a radiological device that provides real time visualization of bones and tissues. It is used by surgeons and nurse anesthetists to precisely guide needles or pins during orthopedic or pain management procedures. Most people undergoing these procedures are sedated and do not realize a C-Arm is in use during the procedure.

The cost of a C-Arm is $117,000 with the hospital committing $67,000 towards the project and the foundation hoping to raise $50,000 to complete the project. In December of 2010, the hospital was able to secure a C-Arm at a reduced price. They normally cost $180,000. The Health Center is making payments on the equipment.

“We know using a C-Arm is very good medicine, and we are hopeful to raise the necessary funds in 2011 to pay this piece of equipment off,” said Aprill Murphy, the hospital’s foundation director.

Details in the Feb. 9 Albion News Print and Electronic Editions. 


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