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Village Board talks recycling

Les Nienaber, Bud’s Sanitary Service, appeared before the board on Tuesday, April 5, to request a pilot recycling program with perhaps five towns.

“We will need to recycle, and we must educate people,” he said. He has tried a coupon program, but that didn’t work. The recycling program he was suggesting would let people co-mingle their trash and his company would pick up every two weeks. He would not provide containers, but anything would work.

Recyclable material would not be picked up the same day as the regular garbage. He stated, “I would need 80 percent participation. I can’t afford to run around any more. My gas charges are $22,000 more than they were last year. An average garbage truck gets 3 1/2 miles to the gallon.” If the recycling program doesn’t work, collection prices could rise by $1.50 per customer.

“Green Fiber is struggling just like us. Corrugated paper does not make any money, and a lot of this is shipped overseas. This is an alternative to raising rates for a while. “Glass will not be recycled as it contaminates everything it’s with. Employees also get cut when sorting it out.”

Details in the April 13 Petersburg Press Print and Electronic Editions.

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