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Village Board hears options on streets

Village street conditions were the main focus at the Petersburg Village Board meeting held last Tuesday, May 3.

John Zwingman, Petersburg Village Engineer, explained options that the village might have regarding the Main Street street issue.

First would be armor coating with a double coat which would be similar to what was done on the boulevard. He said, “Since it worked there, we know there is no reactivity to the red rock. The problem is you don’t solve the curb situation. The way the curbs are made it lets water run under the sidewalk.”

Second would be a hot mix overlay. “But,” he stated, “you will need to raise the manholes and valves, and that would seal the street. This would be expected to last 10-15 years, but by then potholes would probably show up again.

Also, the village could use a two-inch overlay with grinding of the street. Probably grinding two inches off in some places would need to be done. He noted red granite rock is hard to grind and pieces will fly.

The street was put in approximately 90 years ago.

Another option would be a two-inch overlay with new curb. There would be no grinding, but adding two inches of asphalt.

He recommended a new curb and gutter with no lip which would not let the water seep in. That would leave only a four inches of curb, but that would not be a problem. He also recommended replacing the sidewalk as it is done. It would be expected that there will be mud under all the sidewalks.

Lastly, there could be curb to curb eight-inch concrete.

More details in the May 11 Petersburg Press Print and Electronic Editions.

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