Boone Central Board hears consultant’s report on single school location

It would be possible to educate all Boone Central K-12 students in the existing Albion school building, but there would be adverse impacts on the school’s educational programs, a consultant reported last Wednesday.

“The biggest thing is it would take away any flexibility,” said consultant Gerald Ehlers of Ainsworth during a special session of the school board Wednesday night, Oct. 26, in Albion.

All classrooms would be used throughout the entire school day, allowing no room for study halls or flexibility in scheduling, he said.

As a neutral party, Ehlers was asked to research the following question for the Boone Central district: “What impact will the educational needs of students have on the school system in regard to staffing, financing and facility usage, if all instructional programs/services were placed in one site?”

Details in the Nov. 2 Albion News and Petersburg Press Print & Electronic Editions.

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