Commissioners hear about recurring problem with stray animals

Boone County Commissioners on Monday participated in a group discussion about a recurring problem with stray horses and cattle in an area west of Petersburg.

The problem involves animals straying from the Jim Majerus property bordering 140th Street west of Petersburg.

“There is a lot of concern about this, and it’s not worth waiting for something bad to happen,” said attorney Jeff Jarecki. In addition to the potential for a serious traffic accident, Jarecki said “you can’t help but be concerned about the safety of the animals.” Existing laws on fences and negligence do not adequately address this case, he said, although civil actions can be taken by individuals.

Sheriff Dave Spiegel said the Boone County Sheriff’s Department has been called to that area “countless times” over the years to either herd the animals back to the Majerus property or control traffic while Majerus herded the animals back.

Details in the Dec. 14 Albion News and Petersburg Press Print & Electronic Editions.

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