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Best Ever?

The Boone Central girls basketball program has been on a great run.
There have been many exciting victories. Conference successes. District championships. State tournament appearances.
Has there ever been a better victory – a better performance – than Monday’s 69-50 demolition of #2 ranked Minden?
It’s certainly open to debate.
With members of the past two Boone Central state tournament teams and a large “White Out” throng of fans watching, the Lady Cards did what few teams – in any sport – are able to accomplish against a quality opponent. Dominate every phase of the game.
Offense. Defense. Execution. Rebounding. Shooting. Passing. Floor burns. Pick a category. Boone Central trumped Minden in every way possible.

Another memorable game kept running through my head after Monday’s contest – Nebraska’s 62-24 conquest of Steve Spurrier’s vaunted Florida Gators in the 1996 Fiesta Bowl. If Minden Coach Rick Chramosta wore a visor, I think he might have been turning it backwards by mid-third quarter Monday – or flinging it to the hardwood.
It was that kind of night.
Cardinal Coach Mike Kennedy might not be ready to put a “best ever” label on this victory. Coaches are generally conservative that way.
But Monday’s performance was what every coach dreams of. When all the pieces of a team fit together seamlessly and produce several hours of transcendent excellence.
Seniors Jaime Kennedy and Jenna Lehmann combining their skill, experience and leadership. Fellow seniors Emily Carder and Maria Glidden providing passion and will. Precocious sophomore Jade Gottier showing she’s the present and the future. Seniors Kattie Cleveland and Gina Nelson filling unselfish roles. Junior Shannon Stuhlmiller stepping up to help fill the void left by starting guard Britany Seda’s illness.
Tenacious defense. Aggressive offense. Physical intimidation. Balletic exploits. Everything synchronized. All in harmony.
A rare performance.
Of course, I’m sure Kennedy would also be the first to say Monday’s gem will lose a lot of its luster if the Lady Cards don’t continue to work hard and improve daily. After all, it’s December. BC is only 6-0. It’s still what you do in February and March that ultimately counts.
This Boone Central team can’t stake claim to “best team” just yet. But best performance? You can certainly argue that after a Monday night to remember.
And that’s a heckuva start!

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