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Agencies meeting to decide best course in horse rescue

A number of agencies are hoping to work together to take the best course of action in dealing with distressed horses in a pasture west of Petersburg.

Boone County Sheriff Dave Spiegel said Monday a meeting of several entities would be held Tuesday on the matter.

At the request of a citizen, and with Sheriff’s Department cooperation, the Nebraska Humane Society visited the Majerus property near Petersburg on Thursday, July 12. The agency said it received permission from the owner to transport nine starving horses from there to a holding facility near Blair.

The Humane Society said last week it will need more money to rescue more horses from the 100-acre pasture, because distressed horses are very expensive to feed and rehabilitate. The nonprofit agency is hoping to find adopted homes for the nine rescued horses, which are responding well to care and feeding at the temporary holding facility.

Details in the July 18 Albion News & Petersburg Press Print & Electronic Editions.

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