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Rolf, Stroh ACC Member-Guest Champions

ACC Professional Jesse Brodersen, Cody Stroh, Tyler RolfTyler Rolf of Albion and his guest Cody Stroh were the overall champions of the Albion Country Club’s annual Member-Guest Tournament held Friday and Saturday, Aug. 10-11.
The pair won a final shoot-out format playoff between flight winners and runners-up in each of the three flights to determine the overall champion team.
A total of 36 two-person teams competed in the 2012 tournament, playing 18 holes on Friday and a final 18 holes Saturday. Flight winners were determined using a scoring system in which golfers were awarded various point totals for pars, birdies, eagles, etc.
Based on handicaps, each team was given a “quota” of points to earn both days. Teams exceeding their quota the first day were assigned a higher quota the second day, while teams not reaching their quota were assigned a lower quota Saturday.
The final shoot-out featured an alternating shot format and teams were eliminated based on hole-by-hole results. Rolf and Stroh, winners of the 1st Flight, secured the overall title in the playoff.
Flight winners were determined by their total points above quota for the tournament. Following are the top three teams from each flight:
1st Flight: 1. Tyler Rolf/Cody Stroh- 21; 2. Jeff Kurtenbach/Mike Wiese- 18; 3. Rick Spiegel/Trevor Spiegel and Bob Racek/Jon Bolin- 15.
2nd Flight: 1- Seth Flanagan/Adam Flanagan- 17; 2. Rick Martinsen/Ken Frank- 8; 3. Tom Ketteler/Brian Ketteler- 6.
3rd Flight: 1. Raph Starman/Derek Starman- 27; 2. Andy Krieger/Casey Slaymaker- 18; 3. Jerry Riedmiller/Shawn Riedmiller- 14.

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