School Board approves budget, iPad lease

Boone Central School Board last week approved an $11.4 million school budget that includes a lower tax rate but a larger overall tax request.
Due to the increase in the district’s property valuation, the overall school tax rate will decline from 95.3 cents last year to 94.46 cents this year. The district’s general fund tax request will decline, while the special building fund request will increase substantially to finance planned future facility improvements. This year’s total school tax request is $8,993,928, an increase of $527,261 from last year’s level.
The school board also approved an iPad initiative to increase use of new technology. The plan will eventually place iPads in the hands of all high school and middle school students. Cost of the lease is $88,258 per year over three years. At the end of that time, the school will own the iPads.
Details in the Sept. 19 Albion News and Petersburg Press Print & Electronic Editions.

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