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Cedar Rapids students seek help in ‘Walking the Oregon Trail’

Students at Cedar Rapids Public School are involved in an unusual project this year. They are walking the Oregon Trial. The idea originated with the third and fourth grade class and their teacher, Mrs. McPhillips, during a lesson on the Oregon Trail.
The classes embarked on an adventure — walking the 1,450 miles from Kearney to Oregon — just as the pioneers did in the 1800s.
Starting March 8, 2013, students began walking laps in the gym each morning to pursue their goal. Other classes and students have joined in the effort. Cedar Rapids seniors took up the cause and recruited other high school classes. As of April 26, the students still needed to log 400 miles to reach their “destination” in Oregon’s Willamette Valley by the end of the school year.
The students have asked for help from area residents to meet the goal.
A special walking/riding event will be held Friday, May 10, at 2:45 p.m. at the Cedar Rapids School Track. In addition to walkers, the senior class and their sponsor, Erin VanDeWalle, are seeking anyone with sound horses and experienced riders to join in our journey.
Details in the May Albion News Print & Electronic Editions.

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