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Village Board hears property complaint

Petersburg Village Board spent some time Tuesday evening, May 14, discussing complaints about the condition of a property in Petersburg have.
The issue was brought to Supervisor Koch’s attention, and he brought it to the attention of the village board at their meeting. The board agreed this property has been an issue, and the owners will not respond to letters.
Trustee Steve Faust felt there probably is a concern with rodents, etc. A suggestion was made to turn the issue over to Northeast Nebraska Economic Development.
Trustee Allen Thorberg stated, “If we do that, it’s hard to tell how many properties they will find objectionable. No matter what, the final decision will be ours.”
Koch questioned, “What criteria makes a property condemned?”
Clerk Stokes stated, “There are a number of guidelines to look at.”
Details in the May 15 Petersburg Press Print & Electronic Editions. Faust stated, “I do understand a neighbor’s point. It does look bad.”

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