City dedicates new wastewater plant

Joe Luettel, city sewer commissioners, in control room of the new wastewater treatment plant.Albion’s new city wastewater treatment plant was dedicated in a brief ceremony Monday morning, July 1.
The process of developing and building the $3.9 million plant began in 2011 and ended with the completion of construction by Rutjens Construction Co. in June, 2013. The new plant was completed on time and nearly $100,000 under the $4 million budget.
The oxidation ditch plant dramatically increases the city’s sewage treatment capacity, with greater efficiency, and electronic monitoring of all processes. It meets the newest environmental requirements.
The new plant has been treating city sewage since May. It has a capacity of 255,000 gallons per day, but at present is treating 110,000 to 150,000 gallons per day, according to Joe Luettel, sewer commissioner.

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