Two ‘New Year’s Babies’ arrive within 15 minutes

It was a close call in determining the first baby to arrive at Boone County Health Center in 2014.
Two babies were born within 15 minutes on Tuesday, Jan. 7.
Kayden Dean Penfield and his mother, Nicole.Kayden Dean Penfield, son of Nicole Penfield of Newman Grove, arrived at 10:39 a.m. at BCHC.
Eli Thomas Krohn with his parents, Danielle and Tom Krohn.Eli Thomas Krohn, son of Tom and Danielle Krohn of Albion, was born at 10:54 a.m. official time.
Kayden, as the first to arrive, receives many gifts from the hospital and Albion businesses.
Eli also receives gifts from the hospital and local businesses.
Details in the Jan. 15 Albion News Print and E-Editions.