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Cards blitz Pierce in Top 10 battle

Damian Backus

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With a resounding 49-28 victory over Pierce in last Friday’s Class C1 battle of Top 10 teams, Boone Central/Newman Grove took a big step forward in the C1-3 District, made a move up the class ratings, and served notice that the Cardinals are not going to relinquish their 2014 state championship crown easily.
BC/NG may have been a bit stunned when Bluejay Austin Freeman broke tackles and raced 92 yards to paydirt with the opening kickoff, but the Cardinals gathered themselves and, through a series of momentum-changing action, took control of the contest and rushed to a key victory over a Pierce squad that entered Friday’s game ranked #5 in Class C1.

And rush they did. The Cards dominated the turf throughout, amassing 432 rushing yards while holding the hosts to just 88 yards on the ground.
Pleased With Progress
Following three blowout victories leading up to this key C1-3 game, BC/NG Coach Mark Hudson was pleased with the mettle of his troops.
“We knew we’d get some answers one way or another about our team and it turns out to be what we secretly hoped was the case – they needed a challenge to gauge their true progress,” Hudson said of his Cardinals. “We played well up front in the run game – both establishing the run and stopping the run. Anytime you do that against quality opponents, you’re in a good place.
“Pierce really matched up well with our skill players and was able to make some plays with their passing game, while making the ‘windows’ for our passing game pretty tight. Hence, the large amount of rushing yards.”

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