Watson spurs interest in astronomy

Burt Watson with his reflecting telesope.Armed with a reflecting telescope, a refracting telescope and a catadioptic telescope, Albion native G. B. “Burt” Watson was set to watch the recent eclipse of the moon with many of his fellow astronomical minded soul mates.
He recalled the very first telescope he received when he was eight-years-old.
Because he then had little knowledge of astronomy or where and what to look at in the heavens, he stopped using it.
His interest in astronomy was renewed when he learned that Haley’s Comet would make an appearance in 1985, and he was soon equipped with a telescope again.
Since returning to Albion, he has invited people of all ages to join him in viewing the stars.
Story by Twylla Crosby in the Oct. 7 Albion News Print and E-Editions.