Another recycling change coming

Just paper and cardboard accepted starting Aug. 1
Co-mingled recycling is being discontinued in all communities served by Bud’s Sanitary Service of Newman Grove.
The garbage collection company will no longer accept plastics or metals in local recycling bins after Aug. 1, 2016.
Bud’s Sanitary will accept only paper and cardboard after Aug. 1, and those commodities will be hauled to GreenFiber in Norfolk.
Albion City Council learned of the change during its monthly meeting last Tuesday, June 14.
In a letter to the council, Les Nienaber of Bud’s Sanitary Service said the charges have recently been increased for recyclable loads taken to FirstStar Fiber in Omaha.
“We can no longer economically pick up co-mingled loads and haul them to Omaha,” Nienaber stated. “Unfortunately, we cannot afford to continue co-mingled recycling at this rate.” The charge for co-mingled products was recently increased to $25 per ton plus a $10 environmental fee per load.
Nienaber said the company has tried to find alternative destinations at lower costs for co-mingled loads, but has been unsuccessful so far.
Garbage collection rates were increased last year in an attempt to maintain co-mingled recycling, but inventories of recycled materials have continued to increase and markets are too low to make it practical.
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