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Commissioners discuss harvest safety concerns

Safety concerns and possible solutions to the harvest time lineup of trucks on South Highway 39-14 were discussed during the Boone County Commissioners meeting last Wednesday, Oct. 26.
This has been an on-again, off-again discussion for many years. Participating in the Oct. 26 discussion were Commissioners Ken Luettel and Jerry Tisthammer, Sheriff Denny Johnson, Region 44 Emergency Manager Tom Smith, Albion Police Chief Brent Lipker, County Highway Superintendent Darrel Thorin; Cargill representatives Terry Reicks, local manager, Jon Petersen and Jay Olson, and Valero representatives Andy Roberts, local manager, and Mike Pugh.
At some times of the year during harvest, the Cargill lines are filled with trucks waiting to unload. The waiting line can include trucks sitting on 260th Street and trucks waiting on the highway to turn onto 260th.
This situation occurred several weeks ago during the peak of soybean harvest, and there were times when trucks were waiting on both sides of the highway.
Specific concerns were the lack of visibility for other vehicles, turning to and from the outlet for businesses on the southwest side of the highway, and those entering or leaving east Fairview Street.
Additional Meeting Set
No final conclusions were reached at the Oct. 26 meeting, but the board decided to invite a Nebraska Department of Roads representative to attend a November meeting on resolving these safety concerns.
The board scheduled another meeting on the issue of grain truck waiting lines for Monday, Nov. 14, at 10 a.m. Kevin Domagala, NDOR District 3 highway engineer, is planning to attend.