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Election only days away; decisions await

2016 electionsA presidential race with plenty of controversy highlights the Nov. 8 general election in Nebraska.
In a special ballot issue, Nebraskans will also decide on whether to retain or repeal the state’s death penalty. This is the biggest statewide issue of the 2016 election season.
Voting is already underway in Boone County. As of 2 p.m. on Oct. 31, some 247 early voter ballots had been sent out, and 142 had been returned to the County Clerk’s office.
Ballots have also been sent to mail-only precincts and are being returned. Following is the report of mail-only ballots as of Oct. 31:
• Boone Precinct: 182 ballots sent out, 58 returned.
• Cedar Precinct: 433 ballots sent out, 220 returned.
• Dublin-Bonanza Precinct: 170 ballots sent out, 40 returned.
• North Branch/Shell Creek Precinct: 119 ballots sent out, 37 returned.
• Oakland Precinct: 497 ballots sent out, 199 returned.
All of these ballots will be counted after the polls close on election day.
More election details, sample ballots and candidate profiles in the Nov. 2 Albion News Print and E-editions.