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Albion city sales tax receipts lower in September

Albion city sales tax receipts were off by about nine percent for September 2016 as compared to the same month a year earlier.
September 2016 was still a strong month for sales, with total receipts of $58,830. However, September of 2015 set a record for September receipts at $64,983.
The September 2016 total was $6,153 lower than September 2015.
For the first two months of the 2016-17 fiscal year, sales tax receipt sare 2.8 percent higher than the same two months a year ago.
Motor vehicle sales tax receipts slipped to $2,802 in September after reaching highs of $4,009 in July and $5,107 in August.
Following are the allocations from the city’s 1.5 percent sales tax in September 2016:
• Capital Improvements, three-quarters of one percent, $28,014.
• Economic Development, one-quarter of one percent, $9,338.
• Street Fund, all motor vehicle sales tax, $2,802.
• Swimming Pool Bond, 50 percent of one-half cent, $9,338.
• Fire Department, 30 percent of one-half cent, $5,603.
• Police, 10 percent of one-half cent, $1,867.
• City Hall, five percent of one-half cent, $934.
• Library, five percent of one-half cent, $934.