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Village Board talks Main Street micro surfacing

Petersburg Main Streeet
Petersburg Main Streeet
Petersburg’s Main Street surfacing project was addressed at the Petersburg Village Board meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017.
Engineer John Zwingman said the village has struggled to get a company to do the micro surfacing on Main Street. Monarch Oil had the contract for $6.45 a square yard, but was delayed.
Boone County has scheduled micro surfacing with Sta-Built with an estimated cost at $4.30 a square yard. This would be a $20,000 savings.
No problem is expected in terminating the contract with Monarch, because the contract had already been breached.
Surfacing date would be scheduled for May or June. The company would like to get past the rainy season since they can’t work until 24 hours after a rain.
The company expects to give a double or triple coating where there are holes.
Zwingman felt that this was a company he could recommend.
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