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New math curriculum set at Boone Central

Boone Central School Board approved new mathematics curriculum for all grade levels during its monthly meeting Monday night, March 13.
A math program called enVisions 2.0 had been reviewed and selected by faculty for kindergarten through fifth grade at a cost of $45,350.
For sixth grade through high school students, a Big Ideas Math program was chosen at a cost of $39,392. This program includes sixth through eighth grades, as well as Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II.
These programs will be used starting next fall after summer professional training for teachers.
High school advanced math programs, Pre-Calculus and Calculus, have a separate curriculum in place.
Jimmy Feeney, curriculum director and middle school principal, said the existing math textbooks and materials are in “dire need” of updating. He noted the new programs will make use of technology, including teaching tools such as videos to help students grasp math concepts. They have strong intervention components for students who need extra help, and provide high quality assessments.
“These are very strong math programs,” said Feeney. “The teachers did a great job.”