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County’s health insurance rates to increase by 14%

web, 5-17, county healthBoone County’s employee health insurance rates will be increasing by 14 percent effective July 1, 2017.
County Commissioners announced the new rates to county officials and department heads during their monthly meeting Monday, May 15.
The county currently pays the NACO Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance costs for all employees. For 2017-18, that benefit could carry a total cost of nearly $1 million, commissioners said.
Hilary Maricle, commission chairperson, said the board is planning to look at health insurance options this year that might save taxpayer funds. The board will inform department heads of their findings.
The county’s current health plan provides $1,500 deductible coverage for the employee and one other family member. Full coverage is provided after the deductibles are met.
Monthly premium costs per employee after July 1 will be $2,025 for family coverage; $1,870 for the employee and spouse, or employee and one dependent child; and $882 for employee only coverage.
More details in the May 17 Albion News & Petersburg Press, Print and E-editions.