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County Planning Board recommends lifting moratorium

For the past five months, Boone County has not allowed any conditional use permits for residential lot splits in the rural A1 (primary agriculture) zones.

The County Planning Commission had been considering changes in the acreage size requirements for lot splits, possible changes in setback distances and other changes in agricultural zones.

On Monday night, after getting feedback from county residents and discussing the topic further at the meeting, the board approved a motion recommending that the county commissioners lift the moratorium.

If commissioners approve the recommendation, the planning board will go back to its previous policy of considering the A1 lot splits on a case-by-case basis.

The initial moratorium had been approved in February due to concerns about the number of requests received by the planning board for residential lot splits as small as three acres in the A1 zones.

Planning consultant Keith Marvin has been meeting periodically with the planning board to discuss options that could encourage more residential development in A2 (secondary agriculture) and A3 (transitional agriculture) zones, while discouraging residences in A1 zones.