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Donkey Polo is crowd favorite

Donkey Polo action.
Donkey Polo action.

It seemed simple enough.

All a donkey polo player has to do is get on his or her donkey, ride up to a large beach ball and hit it with their golf club in the general direction of their team’s goal.

The field is small, and eventually they’re bound to score a goal.

Well, it wasn’t quite that simple, as some 700 spectators witnessed Sunday night, July 9, at the fairgrounds arena.

A key rule in donkey polo is that the player must be mounted on his or her donkey before they can hit the ball. The “mounted” part created a few challenges.

It was a hot evening, and the donkeys were very stubborn. In many cases, the donkeys would refuse the commands of their riders. Sometimes they would move just as the rider was preparing to mount up, and dump the rider on the ground. It almost seemed they were trained to do that.

Sometimes they would dump the rider off. Sometimes they would walk in the opposite direction.

Sometimes they would walk right up to the beach ball, and then turn away just as the rider was about to hit the ball.

Eventually, contestants figured out the best way to move their donkey into the action was to get off, grab the halter and drag it. This worked if the player was bigger than the donkey. Still, the key problems were getting in the right position and staying mounted while hitting the ball.

Several two-minute games were completed without a single goal scored. Only one goal was scored in others, and many players “hit the dirt” in their efforts to move the beach ball.

Fifteen teams competed, but only the three top teams collected winnings. Winning first place was the Flint Tropics team — Tyler Bentenkort, Beau Bremer, John Kennedy and Skyler Weber.

Second place went to Fireball — Brady Wegener, Glen White, Luke Biermann and Doug Jones. Placing third was Vet Clinic 2 — Marina, Scotty, Marcos and Pat.