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Burglar hits Albion Aquatic Center

Albion Family Aquatic Center
Albion Family Aquatic Center
Albion Family Aquatic Center was burglarized Tuesday night, July 18, and about $140 in cash was taken, according to city officials.
The loss was minimized because the pool staff makes deposits each night using the bank drop box. Pool management will be reducing the cash on hand and placing it in a more secure location to minimize future losses.
City Administrator Andrew Devine said it appeared the burglar climbed the fence, cut the screen on the west side window of the bathhouse, and entered through the window. Security camera footage revealed the subject spent about 15 minutes in the building, but it does not appear he took anything except the cash.
The suspect appeared to be male, about average height, with a size 10 shoe size.
The burglar was wearing a mask, and he covered some of the facility cameras with trash bags upon arrival.
Albion Police Department is investigating

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