Boone County won’t be part of three-county dispatch center

SheriffCommissioners decided last Wednesday that Boone County will continue its own emergency communications center, and will not participate in a three-county consolidation.

The motion not to participate in the consolidation now under study was made after a discussion with Boone County Sheriff Denny Johnson and Region 44 Emergency Manager Tom Smith.

Cost comparisons were considered. The Region 44 counties of Boone, Merrick and Nance have been discussing a possible consolidation of dispatch centers for several weeks. The initial proposal was to locate the dispatch center at Fullerton.

The motion stated Boone County will not consolidate at this time due to the loss of local control.

During discussion, the commissioners agreed that the consolidation proposal could be considered again next year.

In a related matter, the commissioners adopted a motion to appoint Sheriff Johnson and Communications Director Pam Sybrant to the Region 44 Governing Committee and EC-911 Consolidation Project.

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