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Antique windmill gets repairs

web, 8-16, PP windmill repairsLast week, Ted, Ray, Marv and Tony Thieman gathered to put in place the wheel on the old windmill along Highway 14. The wheel is a 12-foot wooden Fairbanks Morris vaneless wheel circa 1900 which the brothers decided should be painted in the original color of white with red tips.

The work was done by Loren Lockman of Murdock. Mike Werner provided the lift to set the wheel in place.

The windmill and pump was used for many years as a water supply for the residents of Raeville. Wendelin Fangman, lifelong resident of the Raeville area, was responsible for the donation of the windmill. Funding and labor for that 1986-87 restoration project was supplied by the Petersburg Telephone Company of which Ted was an employee, Foss Well and Repair, Village of Petersburg and Fangman. Dan Thieman and Tony Thieman are credited with many hours of labor completing that restoration.

A memorial plaque on the windmill was donated by the Rae Valley Heritage Association.