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Boone Central has enrollment increase

Starting K-12 enrollment increased by eight students at Boone Central Public Schools this year.

As of Tuesday, Sept. 5, there were 539 K-12 students enrolled, up from a starting enrollment of 531 last year.

The district also has 59 students enrolled in preschool, bringing the total pre-kindergarten through 12th grade enrollment to 598 students, which is seven higher than last year.

Elementary starting enrollment is 234 students in kindergarten through fifth grade, down by three students from last year’s starting enrollment of 237.

Middle school starting enrollment for sixth through eighth grade totals 117 students, up 11 students from last year’s starting count of 106.

High school starting enrollment for grades 9-12 is 188 students, identical to last year’s count.

Class sizes are now averaging 47 students in the high school grades, 39 students in the middle school grades, and 39 students per class in the elementary grades.

Largest class is the second grade with 54 students, followed by the sophomore class with 53 students. Smallest classes are the first grade and fifth grade, with 33 students in each class.

Preschool classes (three and four-year-olds) have 24 girls and 35 boys this year. The elementary grades (K-5) include 121 girls and 113 boys. Middle school grades (6-8) have 59 girls and 58 boys. High School grades (9-12) have 99 girls and 89 boys.