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Group makes hundreds of quilts for charity

Quilters at work during the two-day quilting bee at Raeville.
Quilters at work during the two-day quilting bee at Raeville.
This was just the first day of a two-day event, but already neat stacks of finished quilts covered the banquet table in the entry way of the new St. Bonaventure community hall in Raeville.
They were evidence of the intensity of the quilting ‘bee’ in operation there on Oct. 17-18.
Inside the large hall, other tables were pushed together or rearranged for the assembly line progress of layering and squaring of the backs, filler, and quilt tops, the tying, sewing of the edges and the pressing.
“We’ve been doing this twice a year,” said Helen Preusser, a Petersburg quilter.
Stimulus for these gatherings came from a gift of three blankets to the Raeville quilters from Thrivent Financial in 2013. The Raeville quilters in turn donated to the Norfolk Rescue Mission.
The quilter groups from Raeville, Petersburg and Elgin have gathered twice each year since, and have produced over 100 quilts in each of the past two years for charity.
Complete feature by Twylla Crosby in the Oct. 25 Albion News & Petersburg Press, print and e-editions.

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