Big Give preliminary total over $130,000

web-11-23-big-give-logoWith donations still being counted on Tuesday, the 2017 Boone County Big Give preliminary total stood at $130,822.
While this total is lower than it has been in some past years, the fourth annual Big Give was considered very successful due to the large number of donors and number of projects receiving funds.
This year, a total of 1,133 gifts had been received for the Big Give by Tuesday, Dec. 4. That’s an increase of 194 from last year on the same date.
There were 25 Big Give projects listed this year, compared to 23 last year.
“We had a lot of new donors this year,” said Tina Stokes, administrator of the Big Give for the Boone County Philanthropy Council. “We’ve gotten calls from banks and organizations that have received additional donation envelopes over the weekend.”
These final gifts, as well as sponsor dollars, were yet to be added to the preliminary totals on Monday. Stokes said she expected the total to increase by at least $20,000 later this week.
Sponsor dollars are used to pay the annual fund drive expenses. Any funds left over go to supplement the donor gifts.
A final Big Give event, held Sunday afternoon, Dec. 3, was the “String Beans” performance for children at the Boone County Fitness Center.
The final Big Give totals for the 25 participating organizations are expected to be available later this week.