Commissioners adopt salary increases for elected officials

Higher salaries for Boone County elected officials over the coming four-year term (2019-2022) were adopted by the county commissioners during their final meeting of 2017 on Wednesday, Dec. 27.
For 2018, the county assessor, clerk, treasurer and part-time attorney will have an annual salary of $51,948 each, and the sheriff’s salary will be $58,608.
For the first year of the new term in 2019, these officials will receive a three percent salary increase. The 2019 salaries of the assessor, clerk, treasurer and attorney will increase by $1,558 each to $53,506 annually, and the sheriff’s salary will increase by $1,758 to $60,366 annually.
In each subsequent year, 2020 through 2022, these offices will receive an annual salary increase of $1,200 each, which would amount to 2.24 percent the first year for assessor, clerk, treasurer and attorney, and 1.98 percent the first year for the sheriff.
The commissioners’ salaries, currently at $23,601 per year each, would rise to $23,650 each starting in 2019, and would remain the same through 2022.
Each official also receives the county Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance, and is enrolled and receives benefits from the County Employees Retirement System.
Chief deputies and the County Veterans Service Officer receive salaries of at least 65 percent of the elected officials’ salaries.