Development Agency to offer business ‘boot camp’

Boone County Business Boot Camp is a series of training sessions that are designed specifically for existing business owners.
The boot camp will be sponsored by Boone County Development Agency, Inc., and will start with three sessions on “marketing and customer experience” in February.
Other categories of focus will be:
• Law & Insurance in March;
• Accounting & Financials in April, and
• Planning for the Future in May.
Each category will have its own session(s) led by local experts. During each session there will be time set aside for business owners to get hands-on guidance and the opportunity to ask questions.
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The objective is for business owners to leave each session feeling confident to implement what they learn into their own business.
February Sessions
The February sessions, Marketing and Customer Experience, will be led by local experts Tina Stokes and Dani O’Brien. This category will consist of three sessions as follows:
• Wednesday, Feb. 7: Branding – Everyone has a brand. Is yours what you want it to be? This session helps businesses understand that regardless of whether or not they work at it, they have a brand. It just may not be the image they want to portray. The leaders will go over what branding is and how to start aligning your vision with your brand. They will also introduce how to plan for expressing your brand through marketing and advertising.
• Thursday, Feb. 15: The Online Customer Experience. Are you living your brand in the digital world? This session will focus on extending your brand/selling your business in the online world. Leaders will cover social media, including exercises, planning tools and how-to’s to help small businesses get the most from these inexpensive marketing tools.
• Wednesday, Feb. 21: The In-Person Customer Experience. Take a fresh look at how customers walk through your space. Leaders will offer some suggestions on how to take a new look at your space and make tweaks to support the overall customer experience. This brings the marketing plan full circle in learning how to get people to your location. When they step inside, it’s up to you to seal the deal.
Each session will be held at the BCDA office from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., and there is a cost to participate. Registrations are due by Feb. 2, by calling 402-395-3356 or emailing