‘High Valley’ to open fair concert featuring Chris Lane

Brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel make up the duo "High Valley."
Brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel make up the duo “High Valley.”
“High Valley” will be the opening act for the 2018 Boone County Fair country music concert to be held Saturday, July 7, at 7 p.m.
Chris Lane will be the headliner for the concert.
Boone County Fair Board announced Tuesday that the concert lineup is now finalized for the fair. Early ticket purchases can be made at the fair web site: http://www.boonecountyfairne.org/.
“High Valley” consists of brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel, who bring a unique sound to country music. That’s because they never knew how country was “supposed” to sound.
Growing up in La Crete, Alberta — more than 2,500 miles from where they now live in Music City — Brad and Curtis were completely cut off from the world of pop culture throughout their early lives.
“It’s not that we weren’t allowed to have a radio,” lead singer and songwriter Brad, explains. “We had radios, but you turned them on and heard a lot of static from an AM station 300 miles away. When it was cold enough you could hear the farm report, the price of grain and the occasional old school country song. We finally got FM in our town when I was in 10th grade.”
While their upbringing didn’t exactly acquaint them with the Billboard 100, it’s that insulation that helped cement their musical ideals and love of simple, classic country, allowing High Valley’s music to feel simultaneously fresh and timeless. Dear Life, their recently released major label debut on Atlantic/Warner Music Nashville, is an album that fuses tradition with wide-eyed musical exploration, stays true to their family-first value system and celebrates resilient positivity.
High Valley learned to become skilled digital citizens, building an avid fan base that is actively involved in selecting the duo’s songs through the High Valley app and connecting with each other via social media. As a result, they have amassed more than 43 million song streams worldwide – including 22 million for first single “Make You Mine.”
Likewise, they are the first country act to broadcast live on Twitch.TV in the United States and their song “Young Forever” scored placement on EA Sports’ Madden NFL 17 Soundtrack. The band has been selected for “Ones to Watch” recognition by Rolling Stone Country, Spotify, Pandora, CMT and Taste of Country.
And they’ve been profiled on CBS This Morning for their unique and inspiring story, and performed on NBC’s Today Show.