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Chuck Borer receives First Dollar plaque

web, 4-5, Petersburg signPetersburg Community Club President Tina Stokes presented Chuck Borer a First Dollar Plaque for his business, Gear Head.
Chuck said he works on irrigation motors, ratio gears, bearings and more. It’s something he knows about and felt it would be a business he would like.
Members held a discussion on club by-laws which were updated in 1993.
Changes made included the meeting night will officially be changed from the third Monday of the month to the first Monday. The ‘93 version stated meetings were preceded by a dinner and entertainment. This will be omitted. Twelve members will constitute a quorum and allow changes to the constitution. No firm rule was set for the number of members attending a meeting to pass a motion.
Members agreed that they would like meeting notices by text/email/facebook. This would be a free service and web pages will be updated. It is hoped that this will allow all members time to look at the agenda, read the minutes and be alerted to any possible votes to be taken.