Wells Drug February

Incumbent filing deadline coming Thursday; no candidates yet for several seats

2016 electionsIncumbents in most local and county elective offices have a filing deadline of Feb. 15, 2018 for the 2018 elections.
As of Monday morning, there were no filings yet for several offices.
Filing deadline for new candidates (non-incumbents) is March 1, 2018.
Filings for local and county offices are handled by the Boone County Clerk’s office.
Nebraska’s primary election is set for May 15, 2018.
As of Monday, Feb. 12, only 12 incumbents had filed for re-election. The filing list includes:
County Offices
County Assessor – Barb Hanson
County Clerk – Kathy Thorberg
County Sheriff – Denny Johnson
County Treas. – Laurie Krohn
County Attorney – no filing
County Surveyor – no filing
Co. Commissioner District 1 – Hilary Maricle, incumbent
Co. Commissioner District 3 – Ken Luettel, incumbent
Other Offices
Boone Central School Board,
elect three, two filings:
Tim Stopak, incumbent
Karrie Fogleman, new filer
Riverside Public School Board, elect four, three filings:
Christopher D. Slevin,
Lisa Kennedy,incumbent
Elizabeth French, new filer
St. Edward School Board,
elect three, two filings:
Vanessa Cumming, incumbent
Sherri Cruise, incumbent
Albion Airport Authority,
elect one, one filing:
Delwyn D. Lough, incumbent
No Filings
No filings had yet been recorded for Albion Mayor, Albion City Council (elect two), St. Edward Mayor or St. Edward City Council (elect two).
Village board members will not be on the ballot until the November general election and have a later filing deadline.