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School Board adopts new preschool process

web, 2-8, Boone Central CardinalBoone Central School Board adopted changes for the 2018-19 preschool program during its regular meeting Monday night, Feb. 12.
Preschool applications will be available Feb. 15 and will be due by Friday, March 9. Parents are asked to carefully review the program packets and contact the school with any questions.
Preschool applications will no longer be accepted on a “first come, first serve” basis.
As in the past, students who reach age three by July 31, 2018 are eligible to apply for preschool. Valid birth certificates and immunization records are required and must be presented with the application.
Starting with the 2018-19 school year, preschool will be offered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. There will be no preschool on Wednesdays.
After the March 9 deadline, students will be placed in preschool based on verified needs, age and residence according to the following priority list:
1. Students age three and four verified as “at risk” and students age five with an IEP/IFSP verification.
2. Resident students age five applying for the Alternative Kindergarten option.
3. Students age three and four qualifying as “resident.”
4. Students who do not qualify as “at risk” or as “resident.”
The preschool program will be filled to a capacity determined by the school district. All applicants will receive a notification letter indicating placement either in one of the preschool sections or on a waiting list by March 30.
Alternate Kindergarten, a new class offering, will be available as an option within the preschool setting for students who reach age five before July 31, 2018. It will be offered on a free and unqualified basis. These students will receive at least 400 hours of instruction aligned to the state and district kindergarten standards for student learning.
Preschool classes for 2018-19 will begin Aug. 20. All preschool information will be available at the school starting Feb. 15.