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Dr. Maurice Palmer to mark 100 years by staying active

Maurice Palmer

By Gabby Christensen

Every day, retired optometrist Maurice Palmer of Albion wakes up and gets ready for what the day has in store.
Usually, he finds himself out in the fields helping his son, Mark, with the cattle operations.
Palmer goes to the garage, hops in his Gator and drives over to hold the gates open.
There’s nothing unusual about this picture—except for the fact that Palmer will be turning 100 years old this Friday, March 9.
Palmer, who continues to be in good health, still lives at home by himself and takes care of most of his own responsibilities.
Of course, his son Mark lives just down the road should Palmer need him.
Palmer moved to the Albion area in 1949, where he started his business, now Eye Physicians.
Since then, he’s passed the business down to his son Mark, who has just recently passed it on to his daughter, Alison Kuester.
Prior to landing in Albion, Palmer grew up in Fairfield, where he was very active in school.
While reminiscing about his past experiences, Palmer recalled a time when he traveled to Oklahoma in junior high with fellow band mates to play under John Philip Sousa’s direction.
“I had a superior rating on the clarinet in the state of Nebraska,” Palmer said. “I’ve just been blessed with so many opportunities.”
After graduating high school, Palmer was a seed salesman for awhile.
It wasn’t until 1938, when Palmer moved to Superior for a job, that he met the love of his life, Marjorie.

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