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Annual village audit was positive

Joe Stump of AMGL reported on the annual audit at the Petersburg Village Board meeting held March 6, 2018.
“Boards must be cautious and not become complacent. There have been three small towns where the clerk embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from the villages by simply changing the numbers on her check,” he said. There are no issues like that here, but encouraged the board to watch any checks you sign and check where the numbers are. He said he is not required to look for fraud and discrepancies. He added that the general fund was good with $68,000 and setting right in the middle of where it should be. The street is in range, but getting lower. The fire department insurance is a big expense. Utility and water are inside range, but the sewer is running a deficit. The trash fund is still a negative, but the board is chipping away at
that. He said, “Going by the benchmarks of other villages, Petersburg is in good shape. But, the village could also raise their levy.” Boone County Development Agency will kick off an Emerging Leaders workshop. Tony Kurtenbach of St. Edward is a new board member. They would like to host entrepreneurial camps for all Boone County schools. Restoring the old jail was brought up again. Jim Leifeld, who had agreed to spearhead the project, has the original bars and windows. The community club has members who would like to help move the project forward.

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