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Albion Rocks project shows much success

Students work on their rock creations with Emma Grape, Cardinal Kids Club site director. Front, l.-r., Eli Porter and Emma Grape. Back, l.-r., Dalton Rolf and Lincoln Rolf.

By Gabby Christensen
A new craze has hit Albion just in time for summer and it’s brought the entire community together for one common goal—painting rocks for others to find.
The Albion Rocks project was initiated by Albion native, Emma Grape, who said the main idea is to encourage the entire area to get involved in this fun activity.
“You paint rocks in any free time that you have and then go out and hide what you’ve painted for someone in the community to find,” Grape said. “If you find a painted rock, you can choose to keep it for yourself or hide it again for someone else to find—it’s such a simple thing but it seems to be bringing joy to the kids in the community and brightening everyone’s summer days.”
Grape, who studies at Wayne State College, said she was first introduced to the idea in Wayne’s community.
“I saw so many people having fun with it and I decided that it would be a really awesome thing to start in Albion,” Grape said.
Everyone is welcome to participate, according to Grape.
“The purpose of Albion Rocks is to get kids outside for the summer, rather than being inside all day,” Grape said. “It also brings out a lot of creativity in everyone and it’s really cool to see what people can do.”
Grape has created a Facebook page dedicated to Albion Rocks. She said this provides the opportunity for people to share photos of rocks they are painting, hiding and finding.
The success of the project is greater than Grape could have imagined.

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