Petersburg Press

Storm hits area hard

Stever Werner had a large tree branch fall in his yard.

Petersburg areas northwest, west and south of town had hail damage from a storm that went through last Wednesday, July 18.
Apparent tornadic winds pulled the concrete center pad of a pivot out of the ground at the Steve Stokes farm northwest of Petersburg. All the pivot towers were also overturned.
There was pivot damage north of Petersburg. At least four center pivots were blown over west of Petersburg.
High winds caused severe green snap to corn north and south of Petersburg.
Beans were damaged by hail and tops were broken off by strong winds.
Many residents in the area reported electrical outages for several hours.
Possible tornado rotations west of town stripped leaves off the trees in narrow swaths.

Cornhusker Public Power is straightening a pole which
was blown over in high winds southwest of town.