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Business and Industry Day is learning opportunity for students

STUDENTS VISIT VALERO — Boone County area students visited a variety of area businesses last week to learn more about local opportunities. Above, students pose in front of the Valero plant site.

Last Wednesday, Oct. 24, the Boone County Development Agency partnered with the Boone County Emerging Leaders to host a Business and Industry Day.
The goal was to join forces with the county school systems and local business community to provide a day for high school students to learn and explore the many career opportunities and businesses throughout Boone County.
Students from each high school in Boone County went on local business tours, had lunch with Emerging Leaders and listened to a panel discussion from six community leaders within the county. The panelists were Tony Kurtenbach, Clayton Pelster, Erica Werts, Ed Knott, Jon Porter, Dr. Kramer, with BCDA Executive Director Michelle Olson serving as moderator.
In total, there were 70 students who participated and 20 Emerging Leader volunteers who participated in the lunch session. Many students expressed that visiting businesses they had never been to before was their favorite part of the day.
Students visited Cedar River Feeders, Cedar Rapids State Bank, Country Partners Co-op, Valero, Kayton International, Applied Connective Technologies, Rae Valley Market, Great Plains State Bank, Big Iron/Stock Reality, Sentinel, Department of Roads, Cornerstone Bank, Boone County Health Center, Town & Country Vet Clinic, Eye Physicians and Cedar Valley Insurance.