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Larry Temme wins commissioner seat

Larry Temme

Larry Temme of Petersburg was the winner of the District 3 Boone County Commissioner race in the 2018 general election. It was the county’s only contested race.
Temme, a Republican, defeated Democratic incumbent Ken Luettel by a margin 533 to 325.
District 1 Commissioner race was uncontested, with Republican Ben Rutten of Cedar Rapids receiving 604 votes. Rutten had defeated incumbent Hilary Maricle in the primary election. Two new commissioners will start terms in January.
In other uncontested county races, John V. Morgan was elected County Attorney, and incumbents re-elected were Assessor Barbara Hanson, Clerk Kathy Thorberg, Sheriff Denny Johnson and Treasurer Laurie Krohn.
Winners of two seats in the Albion City Council race were Jon Porter, 392 votes, and Chris Kohtz, 379 votes. Forrest Francis ran third with 298 votes. Albion Mayor Jim Jarecki ran unopposed and received 469 votes.
In Riverside School District, Ward 1, six candidates were seeking three seats. Those elected were Tom McPhillips, 208 votes; Dee Schalk, 204, and Kellen Ryan, 196.
Three members were elected to the St. Edward School Board from a field of four. Winners were Sherri Cruise (264), Vanessa Cumming (255) and Bill Benson (184). Running fourth was Shawn Gasper (113).
Unopposed for Boone Central School Board were Tim Stopak (1,186 votes), Kathleen Rolf (1,139) and Karrie Fogleman (1,089).
Marvin K. Haas, unopposed for St. Edward Mayor, received 164 votes, while Dean Hamling, unopposed for city council, received 175 votes. A write-in candidate could fill the second council seat.
Republican statewide candidates all won by wide margins in Boone County. On Initiative 427 to expand Medicaid, the county voted 1,222 against and 892 in favor. The county’s voter turnout was 64 percent, with 2,365 ballots cast from among 3,699 registered voters.

For more results, visit http://election.mips.me/election_files/Boone/2018_General_unofficial_results.htm