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Albion Legion Post 162 will honor WWII vet Prothman

Ray Prothman

By Gabby Christensen
More than seven decades ago, Raymond Prothman of Albion received notice from Uncle Sam that he would be leaving his home in Boone County to travel across the globe and join the fight in World War II.
At the time, Prothman was merely 18 years of age.
Today, at the ripe age of 93, Prothman still recalls much of his time overseas.
His journey in the military began in the summer of 1944, when he traveled by train to Leavenworth, KS and then to Camp Fannin, TX for basic training.
On Dec. 28, 1944, he went by train to New York and boarded the Queen Mary, a British Luxury Liner.
He travelled to Glasgow, Scotland with 15,000 soldiers and thousands of personnel on the ship.
The ship dodged submarine torpedoes for six days.
Once in Glasgow, they boarded a train and then crossed the English Channel on a small ship.
Prothman remembered the trip was very cold and everyone on board was seasick.
They landed in La Havre, France and traveled to the southeast side of Alsace-Lorraine, France.
There, Prothman joined the 63rd Infantry Division, Company L, 254th Battalion, in which he was given a machine gun and a 45-caliber pistol.

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