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St. Edward

St. Edward cheerleaders host successful blood drive

Miranda Matchett became a blood donor for the first time at the March 5 blood drive in St. Edward.

Thirty-nine people gave their time to take part in a blood drive sponsored by the St. Edward cheerleading squad on Tuesday, March 5, at the United Methodist Church.
A total of 35 units of blood were collected. Each unit of blood has the potential of saving three lives.
Donors were Lance Wurdeman, Steve Roberts, Chad Carlson, Hailey Osantowski, Gary Thompson, Debra Tenski, Jerry Tenski, Dawn Labenz, Keith Carter, Dean Miller, Ron Benson, Lisa Rasmussen, Cindy Stephens, Staci MacDonald, Francis Stetz, Becky Barnes, Lela King, Tim Cahill, Ron Mason, Crystal Fitchner, Shelley Cruise, Bob Hoffmeister, Breanna Miller, Ron Laska, Linda Scheffler, Patrick Werner, Jim Nicklasson, Sharon Alder, John Fritzges, Karlyn Billings, Kelsey Alder and Barbara Olnes, all from St. Edward, and John Roan of Cedar Rapids.
Reaching blood donation milestones were Douglas Reardon – four gallons; Rebecca Billings – six gallons, and Lacy Majerus – two gallons
Miranda Matchett was a first time donor.