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Flooding is widespread in Boone County

Water was rising rapidly in downtown St. Edward Wednesday afternoon, and firemen were sandbagging businesses.

Flooding was widespread Wednesday, March 13, along the Beaver River and the Cedar River in Boone County. Highways were impassable due to flood waters at times.

Rapid melting of snow, coupled with varying rainfall amounts, triggered the flooding.

The Cedar River had experienced ice jams earlier this spring and was out of its banks early on Wednesday. Some low lying portions of Cedar Rapids were evacuated.

The Rae Creek flooded over Highway 14 near Loretto and Petersburg.

The Beaver River flooded over both Highway 14 near Albion and Highway 39-56 west of St. Edward. A low-lying section of Highway 39-56, west of the Beaver River bridge, at the west edge of St. Edward, was closed to traffic by about 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Water covers Highway 39-56 just west of St. Edward Wednesday.

Downtown St. Edward flooded, and St. Edward Fire & Rescue was sandbagging business storefronts in the downtown area. Traffic was rerouted around two blocks of Beaver Street.

Several streets in Albion were closed due to flood waters.

Flooding of the Beaver River closed 255th Street at the east edge of Albion Wednesday afternoon.

Across Nebraska, the Department of Transportation (NDOT) was advising motorists that this flooding event is rapidly evolving and will
continue to change throughout the rest of the week.

Plan your travel by checking 511 prior to leaving for your destination.  511 provides the most up to date travel conditions available through 511, Nebraska’s Advanced Traveler Information System.  The system
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