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St. Edward

Blood drive held in memory of Andrea Trube

A blood drive, in memory of Andrea Trube, was held Tuesday, May, 7, 2019 at the St. Edward United Methodist Church. There were 32 donors present who gave 36 units of blood in her honor.
Donating from St. Edward were:
Angellia Osantowski, Justin Frederick, Chad Carlson, Sarah Forinash, Gary Thompson, Lance Wurdeman, Ron Benson, Kathy Benson, Duane Chilson, Melinda Nelson, Loren Trube (Andrea’s father); Mark Jensen, Justy Riggs, Wallace Muckey, Francis Stetz, Tim Cahill, Staci MacDonald, Laurel Aden, Shelley Cruise, Brent Werts, Brad Stephens, Sam Reardon, Dawn Labenz, Dan Steinbach, Joe Osantowski and John Fritges.
Reaching milestones were:
Dalanie Welch, one gallon;
Jim Nicklasson, 12 gallons;
and Sheila Hoshor, one gallon.
Also donating were John Hayes of Lindsay and Kathleen Lee of Albion.
Helping with the lunch were Janice Rosane, Cathy Werner, Doris Wurdeman and Kathy Stuhlmiller. Donations were given by the Boone-Nance Cattlemen, Knights of Columbus, Cornerstone Bank and First National Bank.
Susan Nissen was the blood drive coordinator.