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An exciting step forward
By Paul Hosford
It was quite the experience. A group of people from three local communities were assembled on the bridge spanning the moat at...

My Side of the Fencepost

Tort Reform discussion needed
By Jim Dickerson
I was asked the other day about my opinion on health care reform. It’s not an easy issue. I believe we could reach...

Notes from a Vagabond

Remembering ‘Uncle Walt’
By Steve Fox
Friday night word came out that Walter Cronkite passed away. For those of you who may not remember him, he was not a...

My Side of the Fencepost

Fair was more than just fun
By Jim Dickerson
Last year at about this same time, I complimented the Boone County Fair Board on using its collective imagination to stage a...


Extra special graduation
By Paul Hosford 
It doesn’t seem possible: our little boy just graduated from high school. Everybody warned us this would happen —...

Molly’s Musings

The help of a friend
By Molly Young 
It’s difficult to describe the clamor my car creates. In reverse, it sounds like a cat is stuck in my wheel well, squealing...

Here’s Why God made Moms

Answers given by second grade school children to the following questions: 
Why did God make mothers?
1. She’s the only one who knows where the Scotch tape is.

My Side of the Fencepost

What am I complaining about?
By Jim Dickerson
Doggone it, I’m getting older, and I’m beginning to understand why people get upset with health insurance...