Commisioners approve road maintenance plan

A new maintenance plan for Boone County’s gravel roads was approved by the County Commissioners Monday, March 10.

Darrel Thorin, county highway superintendent, developed the plan which will create a slight deviation between the county’s three road districts and the commissioners’ election districts.

Thorin’s plan divided the three road districts into an approximately equal number of miles, with 232 miles in each. The roads in each district were then divided into four maintenance routes. These routes range from about 52 to 62 miles each, and Thorin said operators should be able to cover each route in about two days.

Commissioners adopted the plan pending research into any possible legal problems, since the election districts had been established by petition in 1986. They asked County Attorney Dave Medlin to check on the legal aspects that might arise from having road district boundaries that are different from election district boundaries. Commission Chairman Hank Thieman said the new maintenance plan should become effective by April 1.