Planning Commission considers zoning changes

Several possible changes in Boone County’s zoning regulations were discussed by the County Planning Commission and their consultant, Keith Marvin, during a meeting Monday night in the county courtroom.

Eight planning board members, two county commissioners and about 30 members of the public explored such issues as concentration of livestock feeding units in given areas, the use of “odor footprints” in determining setbacks, manure storage systems, use of waivers and special restrictions for the Valentine sands area in the northeast portion of the county.

A lengthy discussion was held on overlapping setback distances between livestock facilities that are allowed under current zoning regulations — especially in the Valentine sands areas.

Discussion continued on whether application of manure from livestock feeding operations should be allowed on sandy soils, and whether the best methods were pivot application or “knifing in” of the manure.

Members of a group called Concerned Citizens for the Economic Development and Stewardship of Boone County contended that manure remains the best fertilizer to use on sandy soils.